It’s tea time

The weather is just awesome in this part of the world these days. Gray overcast skies, misty mornings, rain-drenched afternoons and breezy evenings – it’s been a perfect winter in the emirates this season. And what better way to enjoy the weather than with a hot cup of tea. I forever loved my milky tea flavoured with ginger or cardamom but of late my loyalties have switched to the healthier green tea.

Like Indians people in the middle east too love their cup of tea albeit a different one. The Arabic tea is without milk, stronger and sometimes flavoured.

In Turkey we had dark Turkish coffee and sweet tasting tea (cay) in fruity flavours of apple, peach and mango.

In Egypt we had some hibiscus tea, locally known as karkade. It was  pungent and tangy and can be even had cold.

The tea popular in the emirates is the black tea with either a touch of lemon, sage (meramia) or cardamom.


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