Jackfruit dumplings/Kumbal appam

As a child my summer vacation was usually spent at my grandparents’ house in Kerala. Like my own mom, grandma was a great cook who indulged us with many delicious dishes each day of our stay.  One of my favourite breakfast dishes was jackfruit dumplings called kumbalappam. Its been more than a decade since grandma left us, but the memories of this dish still linger on strong in my mind. And imagine my surprise when on a recent trip to Kerala my dad came back with ingredients for this dish. Here are some pictures and a few steps to make this mouth-watering wholesome  breakfast recipe, all courtesy mom.

Two basic ingredients needed are ripe jackfruit and malabathrum or malabar leaves (very similar to bay leaf )

A plateful of grated coconut, jaggery, rice flour, some wheat flour, pinch of cumin powder and cardamom powder.

Grind the jackfruit into a pulp and mix the above mixture in it.

Make cones of the malabathrum leaves.

Pour the mixture into the cones and steam them.

Finally, the kumbal appams are ready to be munched.


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