‘The best thing about you is YOU,’ says Anupam Kher

Bollywood star, acting school teacher, theatre artist and now writer — in real life too Anupam Kher essays several roles with ease. It comes as no surprise then that his literary debut ‘The best thing about you is YOU’ is in its tenth edition in 10 months. “I never knew I could write. I rarely scored more than 38 per cent in my school exams,” Anupam made a candid confession during a talk at the Sharjah Book Fair.

He credits his early years in a lower middle class home for having taught him some valuable lessons on life. An eternal optimist Anupam hopes to inspire and motivate people to develop a positive outlook through his book. “It’s very tiring to be someone else. The world today seems to make you feel that there is someone better than you, someone who has a bigger car, better looks or more money. But the truth is that you don’t need the world to tell you that you are happening. Everyone has a special quality.”

Witty and down-to-earth Anupam had the audience in splits with his jokes on baldness. “There are only two kinds of men in this world — baldies and future baldies,” he announced to a hall reverberating with loud guffaws. It was difficult to imagine that this is a man with 450 films and 100 plays to his credit. Bollywood needs a lesson in humility from this bald character artist.


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