Village of laces

Imagine a day driving through green mountains with cherry blossoms lining on either sides and reaching a quaint village with coloured walls and white laces. Some time back we celebrated our anniversary by spending a gorgeous sun kissed day in Lefkara village, known for its lacework, in Cyprus. We walked through cobbled streets with lemon trees admiring and exploring intricate lace designs.


In Lefkara it is a common sight to find the local women weaving their needles through white cloth to make patterns on handkerchiefs, cushions, table clothes, hand fans and umbrellas. According to legend, Leonardo da Vinci visited the village and purchased a lace cloth. He took it to the cathedral in Milan where it remains even today. On his name is the most popular and therefore the most expensive the Da Vinci design.


An old lady we met at the first shop was very hospitable like all the people we met in Cyprus. She offered us lemonade and cookies and demonstrated the stitching.


The village is also famous for silver filigree work. The lace shops sell arrays of handmade earrings, pendants and bracelets with exquisite designs.



Architecturally as well Lefkara is a sight to watch. Amidst the white lace shops are houses with orange walls and blue doors. Bright colours accentuate the old doorways and traditional architecture. Walking through the streets of Lekara was a treat in itself.


At the end of this picturesque village was the huge and imposing Orthodox Church. The church is impressive from inside as well with gold work on the altar and all around.

Our journey back to Limassol was no less romantic as the rain Gods blessed us with a drizzle and we drove through this dreamy path.


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