Rice creamery

Versions of the rice pudding can be found in every Indian home. In south India rice cooked with jaggery is called Payasam, in the north rice cooked with lots of milk and sugar is kheer. Festivals, birthdays, feasts at temples and churches — almost every occasion ends with a bowl of this delicious dessert. My favourite kheer version is made by my grandmother-in-law and it’s called Phirni. With her roots in Kashmir she makes an excellent version of this rice pudding, a traditional dessert of that region, wherein rice is soaked and then ground into a fine paste. It is then cooked with milk, cooled and layered with almonds flakes. So, believe my luck when I found an outlet selling rice puddings in Dubai. At the http://www.ricecreamery.com/ City Walk, Jumeirah, phirni comes with a modern twist. You can choose from 20 amazing flavours of rice puddings which can be topped with nuts, dates, berries or brownies.
Here is a peek into the flavours — nutty nutella, orange blossom, i love kunafa, rosy biscuit delight and red and velvety. Top it with marshmallows, raspberries, walnuts, M&Ms, caramel sauce and even oats.
They take online orders as well and claim to serve rice puddings that your grandmother would be proud of 🙂


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