Dubai Canvas Festival

Some days ago we went to see Middle East’s first three dimensional pavement art festival. Driving through thick traffic along JLT we landed at the Dubai Canvas Festival venue on a breezy evening. Along the JLT beach there were several 3D installations made by street artists with chalk and paint. The most famous among them was Kurt Wenner, a US based 3D street artist whose work has been exhibited in 30 countries. In Dubai he created a 3D art showcasing a traditional abra and children with pearl baskets. 3d2 There were pictures of Sheikh Mohammed with this particular art in all newspapers, which meant large number of visitors landed at the event that weekend. The whole venue was awash with selfie freaks and camera flashes. Forget about admiring the 3D art, it became impossible to click a single installation without a kid or a family posing along with it. The 3D effect was visible when one viewed the art from certain angles, but queues of photo enthusiasts covered those spots. Wish the organisers had restricted these photo opps to a few art installations only. 3d1 Some artists were still at the venue, giving last minute touches to their creations. 20150306_214024


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