Inside the Al Noor island

One hot August afternoon we crossed a bridge over clear blue waters to reach a tiny green island in Sharjah. Our first sight was instantly heartwarming — a group of crows were quenching their thirst from a small pool of water. And right behind those birds was an impressive arch shaped building with floral patterns that housed a cafe and a butterfly dome. Excited we walked past the serene cafe, with gleaming white benches, to spot some colourful butterflies. Unfortunately, this turned out to be a disappointing quest as there were hardly any butterflies in sight.

Outside the butterfly house a winding path covered with trees and bushes on either sides led us to a cactus garden, a sandpit and playground for kids. Further ahead, right in the middle of the dense foliage, was an open courtyard room with benches and cushions called the literature pavilion. To the sound of chirping birds, with your favourite book in hand, this indeed was a nature lover’s and reader’s heaven.

There are benches strewn across the island for visitors to sit, relax, read and soak in the greenery and serenity. Kids loved getting lost in the green maze and jumping on the long trampoline inside the garden. At night neon dancing lights gave the whole place a magical hue, fanning visitor’s imagination. We loved every bit of our time marooned on this island.


Entrance to the cafe and butterfly garden


Greenery all around

2 (1)

The cactus garden


Literature pavilion


Torus Sculpture by David Harber

view beach

A beach strip inside the island


Lighted up at night


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