Art, Sharjah

Worlds from the Imagination at Sharjah Art Musuem

‘Life itself is the most wonderful fairy tale’ was coined by the man who gave the world some of the most iconic stories of our times. Danish writer Hans Christian Andersen, published 169 fairy tales in his lifetime, and gave us the fascinating tales of The Ugly Duckling, Wild Swans, The Tinder Box, Little Mermaid, The Snow Queen and many more. Each story comes with a metaphor and has life lessons that are relevant even today. From The Ugly Duckling we learn about the pain of rejection, bullying and eventually self acceptance. The Little Mermaid opens our eyes about the pitfalls of making deals. The Emperor’s New Clothes exposes the king’s vanity and his hypocrisy.

Paying ode to Andersen’s fairy tales is a two month long exhibition titled Worlds from the Imagination at the Sharjah Art Museum. Hosted in collaboration with the UAE Board on Books For Young People (UAEBBY) the exhibition runs till 30th May. On display are artistic replicas of characters and settings from his stories with interactive quotes and pop-ups.

Wings from the Wild Swans
The rose from Thumbelina
The Princess’ Bed from The Princess and The Pea
Ariel’s tail from The Little Mermaid
Quote from Ole Luk Oie
Paper cut outs
Paintings of the stories

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