Kim Oberoi’s transformative journey through Art and Energy Healing

Kim Oberoi

A sliver of daylight pours through the dark sky as artist Kim Oberoi wakes up to begin her soulful meditation practice every morning. It is followed by a stroll along the neighbourhood, inhaling the scents of dawn, concluded with a few minutes in her garden soaking in the radiance and tranquility of the surrounding greens. This daily ritual that connects Kim to her inner wisdom and to the abundance of nature is fervently reflected in her recent art series aptly titled ‘Meditation’.

Portraits of leaves in vibrant hues take centerstage in this botanical art series. Kim, 36, a Dubai-based Indian contemporary artist, says the painting ensemble, is a result of her meditative and energy healing practices that invoked in her calmness and clarity, and blossomed her creativity. A self-taught artist, Kim, who has exhibited in the UAE, Italy, Germany and China, has recently been shortlisted for the Emerging Scene Art Prize. Represented by Studio Artemisia (Italy), Context Art Gallery (Italy) listed with Artsy and KoboArt (Dubai), Kim’s work is displayed on all the platforms.

The former airline employee who has travelled to over 120 destinations spoke at length to middleeastmasala about art therapy that helped her sail through several traumatic experiences including her unhappy childhood, a bitter divorce and postpartum blues. “Art has been a constant companion since I was a child, holding my hand in my lowest moments, steering my mind away from pain, channeling my emotions through colours; and more than anything else instilling in me streams of undying hope of a better tomorrow,” says Kim.

From the Meditation Series

No wonder then she says ‘my art is my biography’. Through paint brushes Kim expressed her inner turmoil and evolved her craft at every stage of her life. While struggling with conflicts at home and bullying in school she created portraits, then during difficult relationships and career dilemmas she took to doodling and coffee art; and as she embraced energy healing a few years ago she let go of control of her past techniques to flow into the vastness of abstract art.

“Art has been my saviour. It was that happy corner I turned to when I could not deal with unpleasant situations at home, when I was bullied in school for being pretty and called out by teachers for my average scores. It again came to my rescue when I was navigating thorough switching careers – from aviation to hospitality and real estate management and later when I healed my scars from a broken relationship and dealt with the anxieties of motherhood. As I learnt energy healing in 2017, it transformed me, in turn, helping me to evolve more, trust and surrender to my innate talents as the new me effortlessly spilled through my art on canvas, giving me the purpose to be a professional artist,” she explains.

For the past three years Kim has been offering an individualised creative enhancement programme for children and adults to help them explore self-expression and develop coping skills. She recently launched the 360˚ Workshop combining art therapy and energy healing along with Dubai-based intuitive coach and energy healer, Ruth Hancock.

Excerpts from the interview:

How do you delve into energy healing and meditation practices to create art?

Art has always been part of my life. Energy healing and meditation crossed my path several times, but I paid attention to it only when I found myself in the midst of a major personal turmoil. The first healing session felt like an out-of-this-world kind of experience. As an emotional and sensitive person, I had long been a strong empath. Being a healer then I believe was inevitable. Practicing Reiki, Quantum Healing and Intuitive Healing has been magical, euphoric and fulfilling — enriching my creativity by hundred folds, increasing my eye for detail, helping me with visual self-study to curate my own painting techniques and art forms that are original.

Belonging from Meditation Series

Tell us about your latest series titled Meditation inspired by botanical art?

Energy healing and meditation is the inspiration behind the botanical art series as at this stage of my life I have really connected to nature and feel a lot of gratitude towards the elements of the environment. These plant portraits just came to me very intuitively and I didn’t have to make an effort in the concept or in the thought process. Once I start it just flows.

The leaves I choose are the ones from my garden, for instance, mango tree leaves, desert rose leaves, money plant leaves are the ones I find I am most connected to. So, I blend in the reality with the abstract.

What instances in your life led you to create art? What does your art reflect about you?

I have been through very challenging situations in my life which have been extremely life-altering. Those moments shook the very foundation of my being and are a very big part of who I am today. Art and my fighting spirit supported me in those times. It kept the belief alive that no matter what there is always light at the end of the tunnel. Hope is a very important aspect of our lives and it can do wonders for everyone.

My art, you can say, reflects my response to life’s challenges with emphasis on concept and design illustrating different phases of my life on canvas.

Who or what inspires you?

Life is one of the major driving forces driving my creativity. As long as I live, as long as I breathe, as long as I experience, I will create.

Honey Comb from Fragmented Transmutation Series

How do you want to pass on your art legacy to your students?

I believe any form of creative expression can enhance mental health and well-being. The creative enhancement programme we have created involves custom made modules keeping individual needs and interests in mind. We focus on the process rather than the final product inspiring students to create without fear and limitations leading to the discovery of their own unique painting styles.

Share memorable responses to your art by viewers?

There have been many instances when people have felt calm and relaxed when they saw my work. Some said it’s larger than life but the one that really stood out was the time when I was told that my art invoked in them a sense of power and purpose.

How has Covid impacted the art world?

With social media and digital marketing taking a lead, the birth of NFTs (non-fungible tokens) and the improved presence for artists in general has only broadened the horizon. According to my observation artists are coming out of their shell in comparison to previous generations with online exhibitions, auctions and better connectivity. Audiences, curators, investors, collectors, designers and gallery owners all over the world are more approachable than before. Art has facilitated the importance of mental health which is the very foundation of any society. The role of art therapy in healing the world and sailing through Covid cannot be ignored.

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