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Writing historical fiction at DubaiLitFest


Two writers based in Dubai. Their books — historical fiction — set in diverse eras — one in 1930s Germany and the other in 16th century Turkey and England. How did they conceive these intriguing plots from a past they had not lived in — what were their points of reference, their inspiration and their writing process? As part of a talk at the Emirates Literature Festival the writers gave the audience an insight into researching and writing gripping historical fiction.

Film producer Daniela Tully’s debut novel Hotel on Shadow Lake is based on a mysterious disappearance and family secrets that date back to New York in 1910s and Germany in 1930s. The book is inspired by a personal experience involving a letter received by Daniela’s grandmother from her twin brother after the fall of the Berlin Wall 46 years after he had sent it. Rehan Khan’s book, the first of the Tudor Turk trilogy, is titled The Chronicles of Will Ryde and Awa Maryam al Jameel. Set in Istanbul in 1591 the story revolves around the theft of Moses’ precious staff from the Topkapi Palace. It is Rehan’s third book following the Tasburai series of novels. Continue reading “Writing historical fiction at DubaiLitFest”